Our D.E.S Group Customer Pledge

“Every customer, every time: everybody matters.”

Our customers are essential to us, and we aim to provide high-quality services, exceed customer expectations, and delight our customers.

We will treat you as individuals, listen carefully to you, be sensitive to your needs, and take ownership of requests & problems so that you can be confident that someone is dealing with your issue.

What customers can expect from us at D.E.S Group

We will:

  • Be friendly, polite, helpful, attentive, and considerate at all times
  • Provide accurate and precise information
  • Use plain English and avoid jargon or technical terms
  • Be open and honest about what we can and cannot deliver
  • We will get back to you when we say we will and advise you of our progress when we take longer than anticipated to address any requests or issues.

We always aim to get it right first so that you don’t have to keep revisiting your premises and contacting us about the same issue.

We aim to ensure we understand the real problem. Not only to help fix it but also to ensure that we get to the root cause of the issue to avoid it happening again.

We always promise to make it easy for you to contact us and to respond to ‘phone calls, emails, letters, and other requests for service as quickly as possible. Our priority is always to deliver quality service, which can take time. Nevertheless, we will do everything we can to keep in contact with you, if necessary, and keep you informed of our progress.

If we have no choice but to pass your enquiry on to someone else, we will tell you who will be dealing with it. We will support you to get the help you need. If your enquiry cannot be dealt with at the time you contact us, we will make sure you know what is happening and when you can expect to receive further contact from us. We will always make our services, office, and information as accessible as possible to all our customers.

When you write to us at D.E.S Group

If you write to us at D.E.S Group by letter or email, a response is required to answer your enquiry.

We will advise you on what we are doing or contact you regarding the issue. We will respond to you as soon as possible after we have received it.

If the issue takes some time to investigate or resolve, we will tell you when you can expect to hear more from us.

In the case of emails. If our office team member you have contacted is out of the office, you will be advised when that team member will be available. We will also notify you whom to get in the meantime if your enquiry is urgent.

In many cases, we prefer to speak to you, so please help us to help you by providing a telephone contact number.

If you visit us at D.E.S Group

If you visit us in person at our office address (Enterprise House, Capricorn Park, Blakewater Road, Blackburn, BB1 5QR), someone will come and see you as quickly as possible to establish the best person to help you with your enquiry. If you need
to see one of our team members and are unavailable, we will advise you of the appropriate waiting times.

Every enquiry is different, and we aim to give every customer quality service. You may have to wait longer than anticipated. If you cannot wait, we will advise you of alternative options.

If the person you see can’t help you, they will try to find someone who can and provide you with the relevant contact details to speak to them if possible.

If you have an appointment with a staff member, they will always aim to see you on time and ensure you are made aware if they are running more than 15 minutes late.

We provide free visitor car parking on Capricorn Park, directly located outside our offices.

If you call us at D.E.S Group

Your call will be answered as quickly as possible if you phone us.

The vast majority of our phone calls are answered within 10 seconds, but we know that it can take longer at times of high demand. Your patience is appreciated.

If your call is not urgent and you cannot hold, you may wish to call back.

Our busiest times for phone calls are between 9 am, and 11 am each day (Mon – Fri) If voicemail is activated, you will be told when the staff member will be available. You will be given an alternative number to call if the enquiry is urgent.

Staff will respond to voicemail messages within one working day of the call or one working day of the date; the message tells you they will return to the office.

Our website & social information at D.E.S Group

We will ensure all the information on our website is accurate, up to date and makes sense to customers.

Should you need to complain about the service of D.E.S Group

  1. Contact you as soon as possible after we receive your complaint to discuss the matter further and agree with you on the way forward.
  2. We prefer to do this by talking to you, so please provide us with a telephone number when you make your complaint to ensure the quickest response.